Corporate Plan

The free trade agreement between Chins and Australia in November.2014 has strengthened the trade relations between China and Australia. China, with a population of over 1.3 billion, has the largest consumer market for food and beverage in the world. Due to China's strong economic growth and increasing income per capital, its interest in food and beverage of Australia and New Zealand, and import demand will continue to rise. Recently, China's food safety problem has increased consumer's demand for organic and healthy agricultural products, which can be imported from Australia and New Zealand.

The company's main objective is to bring returns to equity investors.

Short-term goal

The company's main business will still be mineral exploration investment in Western Australia: Get preliminary exploration and mining exploration licenses, drive the exploration and development of gold mine project in Western Australia, as well as develop and asses and purchase other exploration or mining projects. In addition, the company is actively looking for other investment opportunities, including but not limited to, the development of potential exploration or mining projects so as to increase the interests of shareholders.

Medium and long -term goal

Continue exploration activities on basis of the preliminary exploration results, and if necessary, develop new exploration projects in Western Australia mining strategy. The company will cooperate with the strategic partner SYX to become a multifaceted player in promoting the development of Australian / New Zealand’s trade and business environment. With e-commerce platform and strategic cross-border partners as well as food, beverage, agricultural trade of Sino Australian / New Zealand, the company will expand trade with China's food, beverage, and agricultural products. With the help of the director’s and partners’ relationship network in China, the company will seek the company's further development opportunities in China and Australia trade. Through adequate funding and resources, the company will develop the two different projects-the exploration and agricultural products trade.

China's increasingly competitive environment requires Australian companies to look for new strategies to stay competitive. One of the most famous strategies is to establish a partnership with Chinese enterprises. Our company has established an exclusive partnership with SYX, which will enable the company to have the market, network and SYX’s customer base in China. Based on the exclusive cooperation partnership of China’s food and crops with Australia’s / New Zealand’s trade, SYX company sell food, beverages, agricultural products in the electronic commerce platform ( addition, establish its customer relationship including government institutions and enterprises, such as People's Liberation Army garrison in Hong Kong, Shenzhen Securities Exchange, Huawei, Foxconn.

The company has adopted a comprehensive control and accountability system as the basis of corporate governance. The board of directors is committed to the implementation of the open and complete management policies and procedures, pursuing the truth of corporate governance in the realization of the company's needs. In terms of application, the company has adopted the “Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (Third Edition)” issued by the Australian exchange of Corporate Governance Committee as the company's governance policy. According to the size and nature of the company, the Board of Directors believes that the current board of directors is cost effective and practical for the company's management. With the change of scale, nature and scope of the company's activities, the size of the board of directors and additional corporate governance policies and structures will be re-considered. Companies need to regularly review the skills of their board of directors to ensure that the board of directors’ existing skills and professional knowledge portfolio can promote the realization of strategic goals, and are moving in the direction of success. Our duty is to be honest, fair, and try our best to create benefits for the shareholders according to the legal requirements; to assume the duties and responsibilities of employees, customers, groups.