Management Team

The Board comprises a mix of skills and experience. In addition, members of the Board all have experience doing business in China, that will be essential in the company achieving its strategic objective of becoming a strong participant in the medium to long term in the Australia/New Zealand and China food and beverage market.

Weiliang Liu

Chairman of the board and executive director

Weiliang Liu, with more than thirty-year experience in business management, specializes in investment, technology and related industries. He has received a master's degree in computer engineering in Harbin Institute of Technology. He is the chairman of Shenzhen Chao Sheng PCB technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Zhiying Industrial Science and Technology Investment Co., Ltd. as well as the vice chairman of the board of directors in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Financial Investment Co.Ltd.

In addition, he is also the independent and non-executive director in Sky Forever Supply Chain Management Group, which is a company listed in Hong Kong. 

Eric Yuan Lin

Vice chairman, CEO, Managing Director

Eric Yuan Lin has more than ten-year experience on accounting, banking, telecommunication, marketing, business management, strategic mergers and acquisitions. Lin has got Accounting and Finance Master in the New England University, and Bachelor's degree in Accounting in Macquarie University.

Eric Yuan Lin has ever been a Business Development Manager in PPS International listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, an executive director of New World Telecommunication Group Pty Ltd and China Global Investment Pty Ltd.

Benjamin M T Chow AO

Non-executive director

Benjamin M T Chow AO was born in Shanghai and grew up in Hong Kong. Since 1968, he has been committed to the land development industry in Australia and East Asia. In 1962, he immigrated to Australia, and completed Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineer at the University of Sydney.

Benjamin Chow, as the president of the Multicultural Council of Australia, provides help for the government to implement its multicultural strategy. He served as a member of the Committee for the National Museum of Australia Council for six years and University Joint Committee for six years. In addition, he served as chairman of Chinese community of Australian New South Wales, New South Wales in Macao, chairman of the Chinse-Australian Forum and Australian-Chinese Charity Association, vice chairman of Committee of New South Wales Ethnic Community, President of Sydney’s Business Lion Club, and non -executive director of Western Sydney Rovers Football Club.

Benjamin Chow was non-executive director in InvoCare Co., Ltd (listed company in ASX) from 2006 to 2013; since 2007, he has been a non-executive director in Mindax Co., Ltd (listed company in ASX), and now is the executive chairman of this company.

Benjamin Chow served as vice chairman of New South Wales Business Advisory Group, now acts as a member of the Australian’s Asian Advisory Committee, a life member of the Chinese community in Australia, and a Honorary Advisor in Macao economic, trade and Cultural Association.

Benjamin Chow was awarded a centenary medal in 2001, and was designate as an official by the Australian government in 2007 to serve the Chinese community and cross-cultural exchanges in Australia.

Yuanping Kuang

Independent non-executive director

Yuanping Kuang, with 20 years of work experience in many fields, served as president of board of supervisors of Wuhan Securities Limited liability Company. He was chairman of the board of directors of Songliao Automobile Co., Ltd., CEO of Yanhuang Optical Valley Technology Co., Ltd. as well as chairman China’s Virtue Asset Management Co., Ltd. and senior manager in many companies. He is currently chairman of Yanhuang Group, chairman of Australia Joint Capital Holdings Limited, chairman of Australian Chinese group. 

Songwei Li

Non-Executive Director
Songwei Li has 20 years of business experience mainly in the investment, hotel and asset management industries. He is currently Chairman of Shenzhen Hongyu Investment Co. Ltd and Chairman of Shenzhen Shengfu Asset Management Co. Ltd. 

Kunchang Li

Non-Executive Director
Kunchang Li has 20 years of business experience in areas such as medicine, investment management, food and agricultural products. He is Managing Director & Vice Chairman of Dongguan Shenmao Market investment management Co. Ltd which has developed and manages a number of markets including Changping Mulun Wholesale Market of Agricultural Products, Changping Mulun Wholesale Market of Fruits. He is also Founder and Chairman of Shenzhen Haoruhai Investment Management Co. Ltd, Managing Director of Shenzhen Huadifubang Group.

Kunchang Li  is a director and shareholder of  Shenzhen Huadifubang Asset Management Co. Ltd(Which is a shareholder of SYX)and a shareholder of SYX. Mr. Li does not control SYX.

Raman Bhalla

Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer
Raman Bhalla has several years of experience in corporate governance, company secretary, financial management, and risk management roles in listed and unlisted organisations of various sizes in a range of industries.
He is a non‐executive director of a few private and Not‐for‐Profit organisations. Raman’s experience incorporates establishing management reporting and corporate governance systems, assistance with capital raisings, financial and management reporting, board reporting, business planning, as also formulating business strategies, and establishing corporate structures. Raman has comprehensive knowledge of the due diligence process for business mergers, acquisitions, and sales.
Raman has assisted businesses to grow, elevate shareholder value, establish internal controls, and improve systems efficiency. His experience in working on boards includes responsibility for ASX disclosures, investor relations, compliance, and risk management.

Raman is a FCPA, CA, CIMA and Bachelor of Commerce.
Raman has been a regular speaker at media forums on economic and financial challenges facing small to medium businesses and on government economic policy positions.